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The last hurrah

As of january 2014 ACR will be no more. It's been an interesting journey over the past four years but we succeeded in what we set out to do which was to provide cars at the lowest price (yeah, all the other companies have said they're the cheapest but they've been talking out of their ass basically - where else could you get a car for 3000isk per day?) and have cars that have character and don't feel cheap, hell, i personally drive a volvo 850 so if it was good enough for me then i hope they were good to everybody else.
but the time has come to move on and reclaim my life - dóri went and did other things a year ago although he still helps with anything really complicated which has left me alone to get through everything and i just don´t have enough hands and hours to do everything. well, i hope the memories have been good for most of you and meeting a whole bunch of people and sharing in the journey has been one of the highlights of running this company but to the very few people who have annoyed me or screwed me over, you can go sit on a cactus :)

Some Sample Prices

Opel Astra

Number of days Price per day (winter) Price per day (summer)
1-3 days 3500isk 8900isk
4-6 days 3200isk 8300isk
7+ days 3000isk 7100isk
Summer: June 1st to August 31st

Volvo 850 Estate

Number of days Price per day (winter) Price per day (summer)
1-3 days 5500isk 12500isk
4-6 days 5200isk 11200isk
7+ days 5000isk 9700isk
Summer: June 1st to August 31st